Friday, January 12, 2018

Is Your Train Moving?

It’s exciting when you are on the right track, headed toward your goals and dreams.  Now all you have to do is keep moving forward! 
Inaction, no matter how far you are down the track, will eventually get you run over.  Dedication and consistency are the keys.  If you eventually stop making consistent progress, somebody, somewhere, on the same track you are on, will eventually catch up and pass you.
Talent can only get you so far in life.  Successful people don’t sit and wait for their destination to come to them, they move toward it. 
There are a lot of people in this world with similar goals and dreams to you or I, and a lot of them are on the same track.  The only difference will be who wants it more?  Who is willing to consistently make progress, and never settle or quit? 

Will Rogers said, "Even If You Are on the Right Track, You’ll Get Run over If You Just Sit There"‎
It’s really difficult to tell how fast a train is coming when you are looking at it from the track, so don’t be the one who stops and looks back.  

This 2018, aim to always keep moving forward; be that train that the others fear is barreling down on them. ‎

Monday, December 4, 2017

One Guy Didn't...

Three guys were tried for crimes against humanity.
Two guys committed crimes.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys were given government trials.
Two guys had fair trials.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys were whipped and beaten.
Two guys had it coming.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys were given crosses to carry.
Two guys earned their crosses.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys were mocked and spit at along the way.
Two guys cursed and spit back.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys were nailed to crosses.
Two guys deserved it.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys agonized over their abandonment.
Two guys had reason to be abandoned.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys talked while hanging on their crosses.
Two guys argued.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys knew death was coming.
Two guys resisted.
One guy didn’t.

Three guys died on three crosses.

Three days later.
Two guys remained in their graves.
One guy didn’t.

Who is this One guy?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

GIFT OF LOVE by Agbarakwute Toluwalope

On this journey two fare
He and she are they
Strangers they were
But paths crossed
To the Father's house

She trudged
Shoulders laden with burden
In little steps, Life grew green
Until she cried for help
Such an agony, He could not deny
With arms spread wide
He gladly reached out

The glow on his face
What joy filled his heart
At her speak of the Father, his father
Such kinship they share
Little was hers
Yet separation grew no further

As much of comfort she needed
Still, He provided
When sorrow like billows roll
He became a saviour
As their affinity thickened

As siblings would, they rocked each's boats
And when desires rose
When wants cralwed in between cracks
The Father's smile was the dose
They grew no lack

Like birds to the sky
And fishes to the sea
They discovered
That they were the Gift of Love
from the Father
for each other